Managing main menus via the CMS

  1. Log into the Wagtail CMS for your project (as a superuser).

  2. Click on Settings in the side menu, then select Main menu from the options that appear.

  3. You’ll be automatically redirected to the an edit page for the current site (or the ‘default’ site, if the current site cannot be identified). For multi-site projects, a ‘site switcher’ will appear in the top right, allowing you to edit main menus for each site.

    Screenshot of main menu edit page in Wagtail admin
  4. Use the MENU ITEMS inline panel to define the root-level items. If you wish, you can use the handle field to specify an additional value for each item, which you’ll be able to access in a custom main menu template.


    Even if selected as menu items, pages must be ‘live’ and have a show_in_menus value of True in order to appear in menus. If you’re expecting to see new page links in a menu, but the pages are not showing up, edit the page and check whether the “Show in menus” checkbox is checked (found under the “Promote” tab by default).

  5. At the very bottom of the form, you’ll find the ADVANCED SETTINGS panel, which is collapsed by default. Click on the arrow icon next to the heading to reveal the Maximum levels and Specific usage fields, which you can alter to fit the needs of your project. For more information about specific usage see ‘Specific’ pages and menus.

  6. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.