Wagtailmenus 2.9 release notes

What’s new?

New ‘sub_menu_templates’ menu tag option allows you to specify templates for multiple levels

To complement the new level-specific template functionality, a new sub_menu_templates option has been added to the main_menu, flat_menu, section_menu and children_menu tags to allow you to specify multiple templates to use at different levels.

For example, if you had a template (e.g abc.html) that you’d like to use for the second level of a section menu, and another (e.g. xyz.html) that you’d like to use for the third, you could specify that by doing the following:

{% section_menu max_levels=3 sub_menu_templates="path_to/abc.html, path_to/xyz.html" %}

See the updated documentation for more information:

Template tags reference

Disable ‘Main menu’ or ‘Flat menu’ management options in the Wagtail admin area

Implemented by Michael van de Waeter (@mvdwaeter).

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, and not all call for both types of menu. So, to reduce potential confusion for users in the CMS, you can now hide either (or both) the ‘Flat menus’ and ‘Main menu’ items from the ‘Settings’ menu in the admin area (and disables the underlying CMS functionality for each).

See the settings documentation for more information: