Wagtailmenus 2.2.0 release notes

What’s new?

  • Wagtailmenus now makes use of django’s built-in django.template.loader.select_template() method to provide a more intuitive way for developers to override templates for specific menus without having to explicitly specify alternative templates via settings or via the template and sub_menu_template options for each menu tag.

    See the updated documentation for each tag for information about where wagtailmenus looks for templates.

  • Added the WAGTAILMENUS_SITE_SPECIFIC_TEMPLATE_DIRS setting to allow developers to choose to have wagtailmenus look in additional site-specific locations for templates to render menus.

  • wagtailmenus no longer errors if a page’s relative_url() method raises a TypeError.

  • Brazilian Portuguese language translations added by @MaxKurama.

Upgrade considerations