Wagtailmenus 2.13 release notes

What’s new?

There are no new major features in this release.

Minor changes & bug fixes

  • Added support for Wagtail 2.3.

  • Added support for Wagtail 2.4.

  • Added support for Django 2.1.

  • Minor documentation updates (OktayAltay).

  • Updated MenuPage.get_repeated_menu_item() to nullify sub_menu on the copy to reduce likelihood of infinite recursion errors.

  • Updated Menu._prime_menu_item() to set sub_menu to None if no new value is being added, to reduce likelihood of infinite recursion errors.

  • Updated SectionMenu.prepare_to_render() to augment root_page with text, href and active_class attributes, so that it no longer has to be done in SectionMenu.get_context_data().

  • Updated AbstractLinkPage.get_sitemap_urls() signature to match Wagtail 2.2 (Dan Bentley).

  • Documentation typo correction and other improvements (DanAtShenTech).

  • Fix an issue where the WAGTAILMENUS_USE_CONDENSEDINLINEPANEL setting wasn’t being respected.



Upgrade considerations

Following a standard deprecation period a two minor releases, the following functionality has now been removed.

relative_url() methods must accept a request keyword argument

If you’re using custom MenuItem models in your project, and are overriding relative_url(), you should update the signature on your custom model method to accept a request keyword argument, and pass it on to link_page.relative_url() and super().relative_url() (in addition to site) if calling either of those from.