The AbstractLinkPage model

Because main and flat menus only allow editors to define the top-level items in a menu, the AbstractLinkPage model was introduced to give them a way to easily add additional links to menus, by adding additional pages to the page tree.

Just like menu items defined for a menu via the CMS, link pages can link to other pages or custom URLs, and if linking to another page, the link will automatically become hidden if the target page is unpublished, expires, or is set to no longer show in menus. It will also appear again if the target page is published or set to show in menus again.

By default, link pages are not allowed to have children pages, and shouldn’t appear in wagtail-generated site maps or search results.

Implementing AbstractLinkPage into your project

Like MenuPage, AbstractLinkPage is an abstract model, so in order to use it in your project, you need to subclass it.

  1. Subclass AbstractLinkPage to create a new page type model in your project:

# appname/

from wagtailmenus.models import AbstractLinkPage

class LinkPage(AbstractLinkPage):
  1. Create migrations for any models you’ve updated by running:

python makemigrations appname
  1. Apply the new migrations by running:

python migrate appname